Special Exhibits

Memorial Quilts

Friendships are stitched together in Prairie Quilt Guild with a common love of this art form. With the quilts in this display, we honor the memory of our Prairie Quilt Guild members who have passed away since June 2016. We valued their friendship, their contributions to our guild, and their artistry.

For more information on how you can help honor these former members, contact Linda Timmons 316-832-1369 timmons@southwind.net

Brenda Pfortmiller
Mary Jo “Jody” Rea
Ethel Abrahams
Cheryl Wright
Carolyn Conley
Jenitta “Jeanie” Lawrence
Jane Louise French
Olivia “Libby” Jacobs
Kristie L. Pattton
Charley E. Seyfert
Sandra “Sandy” Hatcher
Betty Lou Webb
Lois Corbin
Linda Farris
Roma Lynn Thomas
Darleen Jacobs
Debra McElhaney
Marilyn McNeil
Myron Beskow
Dawn Anderson
Alyce Mazur
Patsy Thomson
Joanne Graves

Quilts and More Quilts

Myriad opportunities are available for today’s quilters. Traditional patterns and fabric designs, contemporary adaptations of old designs, art quilts, bed quilts, quilts of all sizes and for a multitude of purposes…the lists and variations are practically endless!

In addition to the many quilts of the guild members, we are pleased to be sharing other Special Exhibits in the 2018 Common Threads Quilt Show.

Sacred Threads

For the Sacred Threads exhibit, 24 quilts are divided into categories based on theme. These are Expressions of Joy, Spirituality, Inspiration, Grief, Healing and Peace/Brotherhood. The artwork themes provide thought-provoking insights, encouragement, inspiration and healing responses to grief and human hardships. It has attracted a wide array of visitors and has proved appropriate for all ages from young teens to seniors. The exhibit is a positive influence on the human spirit, giving joy as well as addressing concerns of the soul and mind.

Visit Sacred Threads Quilts and Learn More

The Tree of Life ©, Lin Schiffner, Nevada City, CA Expressions of Peace/Brotherhood

The Van Gogh Cherrywood Challenge 2017

Vincent van Gogh is one of the world’s most beloved artists. The participants in this challenge were inspired by his work and life to create their own small masterpieces. The quilts are made entirely from hand dyed suede-look cotton from Cherrywood fabrics. The strong visual impact of this exhibit is due to the cohesive color, size and fabric.

Click Here to See the Winners

Past and Present Collide: Pillow Covers from the Early 1900’s

I have a love for old linens! Early in my collecting days, I came across a pillow cover embroidered with the state of Kansas. This is where the obsession began! Various manufacturers offered these in kits, with preprinted linen and floss, in cotton, rayon and silk. Enjoy the quilted transformation! Kelly Cline
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My Own Quilts, Society Silk Embroidery, Vintage Linen | May 15, 2018 | By Kelly