Miniature Quilt Auction

One of the highlights on Saturday of the show will be the live Miniature Quilt Auction at noon.


Members of the guild contribute handmade mini quilts to raise money to support the Educational Grant Program for the next two years. The major goal of the grant program is to make funds available to educational organizations in the surrounding area to help supplement material cost involved in the promotion of the art of quilt making or quilt history.


GUILD MEMBERS! We would like to encourage all guild members to either donate a mini quilt, runner, or topper that they make or make through their bee. The guidelines for the quilts are:

  • Size – maximum 160″ perimeter (40″ X 40″)
  • Have a sleeve or hanger (rings) if intended to hang
  • Have a label with your name, date and title
  • Entries will be accepted at the April, May and June guild meeting.

If you have any questions please call Susan McMillan 316-650-2353 or

Print your entry form here. CTRQS Mini Quilt Auction Entry Form