Quilt Appraisals by Carol Elmore

Carol Elmore has been an AQS Certified Appraiser since 1995 and Program Assistant to the Appraiser Certification Program Committee since 2007.

As well as appraising Carol also teaches and lectures and has been published in American Quilter, Uncoverings and Traditional Quiltworks.

Many quiltmakers and collectors ask why it is important to have quilts appraised.

  • To establish a replacement value for insurance purposes BEFORE a loss such as fire, flood damage or disappearance occurs.
  • To meet your insurance company’s requirements for a “Fine Arts Floater.”
  • To be assured that your quilt has adequate insurance coverage while at a textile competition or exhibit.
  • To provide a written record for your family.
  • To determine fair market value for the sale of a quilt.
  • To determine value for donation, gift or estate purposes (as required by the IRS).

See this video for more information on having your quilt appraised.

  • You will receive a professionally written document for each quilt appraised. Information regarding your appraisal is held in trust between you and your appraiser.
  • A separate appraisal is needed for each quilt that you wish to have appraised. The average appraisal will take approximately thirty minutes per item. Appraisals should be performed every three to five years.
  • At the time of the appraisal, you are to provide all documentation that you have about the quilt. In the case of an antique quilt, provide anything that you know about the quilt’s maker or its heritage.
  • In the case of a contemporary quilt, any awards that the quilt has received or other pertinent information about the quiltmaker should be provided.

There is a charge of $50 per appraisal.

To expedite your appraisal, please download and complete the Quilt Appraisal Form prior to your scheduled appraisal and bring the completed form with you.

To sign up please contact Jan Hutchinson at